Available in two formats:

1. The physical CD/Digipack with 14 tracks, over an hour of music and a 12-page booklet: € 15,- excl. shipping costs.

2. The online prelaunch of the first 7 tracks (32 min. playing time): € 7,-
The remaining 7 tracks will become available online with the worldwide release of the full album through Graviton Music Services in Autumn 2015.



Here it is…my first solo album!!! The album brings together many of the artists I’ve played with since I started playing drums 18 years ago…I’m beyond proud and excited to share my music with the world :-) Featured on the album are:

Mats Levén (Krux, Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen)
Daniël de Jongh (Textures)
Valerio Recenti (My Propane)
Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion)
Tai Stamph (Splendid)
Rodney Blaze (ex- Xenobia)
Claudia Soumeru (Bagga Bownz)
Ward Palmen (Gunz
 N’ Rozes)
Eva Kathryn (US solo artist)

Marcel Singor (Perhaps Holland’s nr. 1 rockguitarist)
Marvin Vriesde (Dew-Scented)
Eef van Riet (ex-My Favorite Scar)
Daan Janzing (ex-My Favorite Scar)
Eller van Buuren (Bagga Bownz)
Mendel Bij de Leij (Aborted)
Remko van der Spek (ex- Orphanage, ex- Cilice)
Leif de Leeuw (Holland’s biggest blues talent)
Wim den Herder (Another Dutch Guitar hero)

Michiel Eilbracht (Bagga Bownz)
Joost van der Graaf (I CHAOS, Dew-Scented)
Johan van Stratum (Stream Of Passion)
Robin Zielhorst (Exivious, ex- Cynic)

Joost van den Broek (ex-After Forever, The Gentle Storm)
Coen Janssen (Epica)

Judith van der Klip (ex-Blaudzun)

Produced & Mixed by Michiel Eilbracht & Koen Herfst at Nutsville Noise Lab.
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering.

Exclusively available here and at my gigs/clinics as per June 27 2015. Worldwide release (via Graviton Music Services) in autumn 2015!

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Questions? Get in touch: koenherfst(at)gmail.com